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CaoDuanDan Repertoire

Cao DuanDan's Original Choreography

of a Chinese folk dance - JiaoZhou YangGe

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Chinese Fan & Silk Handkerchief

CaoDuanDan's Bio



Cao Duandan from Chinese ethnic & folk dance of Zhejiang Conservatory Of Music

Cao Duandan English Name: Danni

Lecturer of Chinese ethnic & folk dance from the Dance Department of Zhejiang Conservatory Of Music

Lecturer of Top Students from Li Shutong Faculty in Zhejiang Conservatory Of Music

Member of Chinese Dancers Association


Cao Duandan was born in Changde City in Hunan province. In Sep. 2001, she was admitted by Guangdong Dance School and has learnt Chinese dance for six years. During this period, she took part in the national dance competitions and won grand prize, like ‘Wenhua Prize’, ‘Tao Li Cup’ and ‘Lotus Cup’. She has ever gone to Thailand and Hong Kong,etc. to attend the performances of Chinese and foreign cultural interaction.   


In 2007, she studied in Beijing Dance Academy, which is ‘The Best Chinese Dance Academy’ and in the major of Performance and Teaching of the Chinese Ethnic & Folk Dance and ever created the solo dance ‘Faraway Mountains and Rivers’, which has been awarded the third prize of the A-level woman group in the A youth group of Chinese Ethnic & Folk Dance in the 9th National Dance Competition of‘Tao Li Cup’ in 2009. In 2011, she graduated and practiced in Chinese Ethnic & Folk Dance of Beijing Dancing Academy and in 2012, she was appointed as the teacher of the folk dance in the dance faculty of Arts Academy of PLA(People's Liberation Army). From 2011 to 2013, she was appointed as the folk dance teacher of the training during the winter holiday and summer holiday of the dance group of Students Art Troupe in Tsinghua University. Her essay-- Analysis on the Importance of Emotional Performance Characteristics of Anhui Flower-drum Lantern for Teaching was rated as the excellent essay for Bachelor's Degree in Beijing Dance Academy in 2011. She has ever been to Spain, Portugal and other countries to give a performance for the cultural exchanges between China and other foreign countries. 


In Sep.2012, I became a graduate student of Beijing Dance Academy and studied underProf. Gao Du. study painting under Zhang Daqian) and her professional direction is the research on the professionalization of Chinese Ethnic & Folk Dance. She ever took part in the evening parties, like Han nationality dance special performance of Speechless Beauty -- Go into Chinese Folk Dance, Autumn Harvest, Chinese Eaglewood, Dance Research Course,etc. in Beijing Dance Academy. She made up Applause of Yi Nationality, edited and created the solo dance -- Orchid flower and the group dance -- Jasmine in June (selected as the excellent dance performance of ‘Dance World’ in CCTV. The group dance --- Sentiments in Drum Town attended in marvelous collection performances of the national grand theater -- ‘Flowers of Spring and Fruits of Autumn’. The group dance made up by her ---  Jasmine in the Early Rainy Season was honorably awarded the First Prize in the Group B of the Middle School in the National 5th Elementary and Middle School Students Art Performance Activities in 2016 and rated as the excellent work in the National Dance Competition in the group dance group of the 11th ‘Tao Li Cup’. Her essay --- ‘Analysis on Creative Aesthetic Thinking under the Influence of Professional Chinese ethnic & folk dance’ was rated as the excellent master degree essay in 2015 in Beijing Dance Academy. She took part in editing the book -- Chinese Ethnic & Folk Dance Terminology Dictionary, the teaching book -- Analysis of the Teaching Materials and Teaching Research of Flower-drum Lanterns in Anhui and the subject research --- ‘Resource Package of Tibetan Ethnic & Folk Dance in Diqing, Yunnan. 

Since in 2015, when she served for Zhejiang Conservatory of Music, till now, she has paid attention to the edification and penetration of the cultural connotation of folk dance course. She integrated the first-hand materials into the class, which were collected and investigated from the folk artists and then processed and integrated. Relying on her passion and high requirements to the profession, she has accumulated experience in teaching and concluded methods in dance teaching. In Oct. 2017, she took part in the 10th Teaching Competition of Young Teachers in Universities of Zhejiang province on behalf of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music and won the Special Award. The group dance she created --- Journey to Xun Mountains was among the Top 10 Outstanding Work Prize for the production demonstration (The Top Consolidated Prize) in the first ‘Jiangnan Dance Charm in Zhejiang Style’, the first prize in the 2017 Zhejiang University Students’ Art Festival, Excellent Guide Teacher Award and the silver prize in the 10th Zhejiang Music and Dance Festival in 2017. 

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