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Friday Folk 周五民间舞




10am - 12pm

About the Course

This class focuses on both ballet technique and folk dance repertoire where Ms. Zhihan will conduct a ballet class for the first hour, followed by a folk repertoire class. The students usually learn one repertoire a year.

Your Instructor

Ms. Zhihan

Ms. Zhihan

Ms. Zhihan is a choreographer, performer and dance instructor born in Hubei, China. She studied Chinese Classical Dance, Chinese Folk Dance, and Ballet at Hubei Art Vocational School for 6 years, before completing her bachelor's degree in Dance Performance and Dance Education at Beijing Dance Academy. Ms. Zhihan recently received her master’s degree in choreography from California Institute of the Arts. Ms. Zhihan is dedicated to researching the relationship between body, movement, and action. The embodiment of the body in the language of the camera and the experimental presentation in installations are the goals of her ongoing creations.

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