Yana Zhao Repertoire

Monday 7pm - 8:30pm PST 

  • Taught in Mandarin

  • Some dance experience preferred

  • Learn an original choreography by Yaya Zhang with the song attached below.  

  • Calories burnt: approx 200 - 250

  • Intensity: 70% - 80%

Yana's Bio

Yana Zhao graduated from Beijing Dance Academy and received her secondary dance school from Guangdong Dance & Drama College . She started dancing at age 7. She was professionally trained in Chinese classic dance, Chinese folk dance, contemporary Jazz, and musical theatre dance performing arts. She was an actress and dancer for about 15 years. After she received her BA from Beijing Dance Academy in 2005. She joined Beijing Guo Lun Arts Center and China National Theatre for Children. Meanwhile, she was a professional dance teacher/Artistic director at several well-known universities in Beijing, China. Since then she’s enjoyed teaching children, teenagers and adults at dance groups/schools.

Performing Experiences: 1)  CCTV Spring Festival Gala Dance <Butterfly of China>,Musical <Sunrise> 2)  Musical <Cats>, <West side Story> etc. 3)  Musical <Snow wolf lake><sand of gold> 4)  The 50th Anniversary celebration of Beijing Dance Academy-<Classic Musical theater collection> ​