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Terms & Conditions

You are agreeing to: 

Photography / Video copyrights release agreement: 

Teachers and staffs from Yaya Dance Academy, along with associated professionals and /or journalists maybe taking pictures and/or videos of the participant, which could potentially be displayed on: the studio walls, promotional posters, brochures, newspaper/magazine ads, the studio’s and / or associates’ websites, news articles (both print and / or online). By checking, you agree to fully release the copyright of such photographs/videos of the participant to Yaya Dance Academy.

Yaya Dance Academy Class Policy:

1) All materials learned and/or displayed at Yaya Dance Academy are considered intellectual property of Yaya Dance Academy. Any performance or display of these material in any form without expressed written consent of Yaya Dance Academy is strictly prohibited and may be pursued in the court of law.

2) There are no refunds or credits for classes. However, if the reasoning is valid, our option would be to either give you a credit to exchange for a different package, or a refund with 3% service fee that wix charges us. 

3) There will not be replacement classes. 

4) No food, drinks, or chewing gum while dancing except for plain water.

5) Any injuries that happened while taking classes is not our responsibility and Yaya Dance Academy will not compensate for it. Inform instructors if you have any injuries prior to class for alternative movements. Safety precautions is your full responsibility while taking an online class. 

6) Do not share your account with your friends. If we noticed this demeanor, we will take action and a lawsuit could be filed for fraud. 

7) No video recording of class allowed. If noticed, actions will be taken. 

8) All materials should be for personal use only. No selling, distributing, re-teaching our materials allowed. 

10) We reserve the right to refuse service to any person for any reason.

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